A large number of managed service provider (MSP) clients in the US and EMEA are now in their second stage of MSP implementations - global expansion. Unfortunately, it's very rare for program solutions that are simply copies of the original domestic solution design to be successful in other countries. Each global location has its own challenges such as the legislative landscape, change management, or system integrations. 

In a series of presentations, Workspend will share guidelines and best practices with key focus points for implementing a successful MSP solution outside of the US and EMEA. Drawing upon his experience with implementing and managing global MSP programs, Sameer Srivastava (VP of International Operations & Strategy at Workspend), captures and addresses the key issues that clients and MSP programs face during implementation in India. This includes areas such as labor laws, data privacy, matrix of taxes, and implementation best practices. 

This webinar is focused on India, and all data shared is current as of July 23rd, 2019.

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